About Me

When I was in elementary school I entered a writing contest and won! This meant I could go to their
correspondence school for lots and lots of money, which my single mother didn't have. So, I decided to become a flight attendant until I got married, then I'd become a teacher. I didn't become a flight attendant, but I did work as a waitress during college, which was pretty close, except I got tips instead of free flights. I also got married and became a teacher. With all that done, I've decided it's time to fulfill my first dream to be a writer.

If I could, I'd spend my free time cruising around the earth writing, but since I can't, I do the next best thing and attend SCBWI events where I meet wonderful people like Lisa Yee and Catherine Linka whose success stories inspire me to press on.

If you want to chat more, drop me a note: JPitts2911@gmail.com.

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