Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Happy Wednesday! It's time for my Book of the Month post where I highlight a random book that I've enjoyed at some point in my life. It may be an award winner, or just a winner to me, but I'll share my thoughts and would love to hear yours.

This month's book is We Were Liars by E. Lockhartwhich I read as part of my monthly Adults Who Read Y.A book club. Upon my initial read of the book I was not a fan. I hated the ending. The characters sounded like spoiled rich brats, which they are, who did a horrible thing because they didn't get what they wanted. Upon my second read, where I read it as a writer instead of a parent trying not to raise spoiled brats, (no worries about the rich part, I am a writer) I appreciated the book much more. During the second read I studied the craft, the creation of the characters, and their emotions. I studied the story. It was after this second read I was able to see We Were Liars for what it is... brilliance!

In our group discussion we dissected the art of lying and the facades we create everyday through the art of simple lies. We examined how normal looks within each of us and how, at times, we are all liars.  Prior to reading We Were Liars, I was not familiar with E. Lockhart's work, but I am now and look forward to reading her other books for both enjoyment and craft. 

New York Times Bestseller

"Haunting, sophisticated . . . a novel so twisty and well-told that it will appeal to older readers as well as to adolescents."--Wall Street Journal
"A rich, stunning summer mystery with a sharp twist that will leave you dying to talk about the book with a pal or ten."

"Thrilling, beautiful, and blisteringly smart, We Were Liars is utterly unforgettable." - John Green, #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Fault in Our Stars
"You’re going to want to remember the title. Liars details the summers of a girl who harbors a dark secret, and delivers a satisfying, but shocking twist ending."
- Breia Brissey, Entertainment Weekly
Are you a fan of E. Lockhart? Have you read any of her books for craft? Speaking of craft, how do you improve yours? Do you read in your genre? Study Robert McKee's Story or Blake Snyder's Save the Cat?  


Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

I haven't read that book. I probably would have reacted as you did the first time.

LD Masterson said...

I fear if I didn't enjoy my first reading, I wouldn't have taken the time for a second. Good for you that you did.

Scribbles From Jenn said...

I think it's a normal reaction from parents and the non-rich, Susan.

Thanks, L.D.. I only read it again because of the book club, but, as a writer, I'm really glad I did.

Chrys Fey said...

This sounds like an interesting book, and it got some great reviews by authors I enjoy. I'll have to read it sometime to see how I react to it. Thanks for sharing!

Mike Keyton said...

Thanks for the tip, Jenn. In return I can only give you a warning - ref my previous blog post on an example from the supposedly 'golden age' of crime fiction - a book by John Bude. It drove me to distraction and I wouldn't read that twice - even for community service.

Stephen Tremp said...

I haven't read the book. I'll stop by her Amazon author page and see what she's all about.

Scribbles From Jenn said...

Good luck to you, Chris. Hopefully, you'll find it to be a good read.

You're welcome, Mike. Thanks for the tip.

Glad to introduce you to her,Stephen. I hope you get a chance to read We Were Liars.

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