Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Ocean at the End of the Lane & Kiss and Make-Up Day

The Ocean at the End of the Lane - HardcoverLast week I finished listening to the audio version of The Ocean at the End of the Lane read by it's author, Neil Gaiman. This book, like most books I've read by him, starts by making me wonder, 'What in the world is going on?' Mr. Gaiman begins the story with question after question: Who is this unnamed man? Whose funeral is he attending? Why is he going to this old house? Yet his ability to make you trust that all your questions will be answered, in due time, keeps you moving forward even though you are unsure of where he's taking you.

As I began listening to this story I was drawn in by the details that took me off the 405 freeway and dropped me into a rural Sussex, England. However, I was also frustrated  by the lack of familiar story structure, like not naming the main character, yet there was something magical that made me keep listening. Mr. Gaiman is extremely gifted at telling the story that must be read. The story that makes you want to know how it ends. This is exactly how I felt about The Ocean at the End of the Lane. I fell in love with the seven-year old boy and his eleven-year old friend, Lettie. I was on pins and needles as they took on the evil Ursula Monkton to save the world. I wanted to know why there was a worm in the boy's foot and if the pond really was the ocean. I wanted to finish this book and I think you will, too. When you read it, and I hope you do, you'll probably be like me and have to go back to the beginning and read it again, this time paying close attention to all the subtle signs you missed in the first reading because as Oscar Wilde said: If one cannot enjoy reading a book over and over again, there is no use in reading it at all.

The Ocean at the End of the Lane debuted at number one, so it may be some time before you get your hands on a copy, until then here's Mr. Gaiman sharing a few pages from the book...

One More Thing...                                     
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Today is Kiss and 
Make Up Day!

August 25th is Kiss and Make Up Day, the day to end the fight, kiss, and make up. My grandfather used to say everyone fights, even teeth and tongue fall out every now and then when your teeth bite your tongue. (I loved his cute sayings.)
He was right, everyone has an argument, a fight, or a tiff once in a while. It doesn't mean you don't like or love them anymore, just that right now you don't see eye to eye. So why not close those eyes and plant a big smooch on them to celebrate Kiss and Make Up Day.

Are you a Neil Gaiman fan? What's your favorite book by him? Do you need to Kiss and Make Up with anyone?


Angela Verges said...


Thanks for sharing info about Neil's book. He was at a bookstore in my area about a month ago, but I didn't have a chance to meet him. I am interested in reading his book.

Sherry Ellis said...

Neil's book sounds great! I'll have to put that one on my list of books to read.

Meredith said...

That book sounds so intriguing! Will definitely have to find a copy. Thanks for the review!

Cathrina Constantine said...

Gaiman's Book sounds like watching a movie in the beginning and you never know what's going on until the pieces start to fit together, and then you're blown away.

Carrie Butler said...

It's always good to kiss and make up with people! :)

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