Monday, May 20, 2013

May W4WS

Our Mission:
• Help writers bring awareness of their book(s) to tens of thousands of new people.
• Help writers reach Amazon Top 100 in at least one category (i.e., suspense, free, etc.).
• Increase sales of their book(s).
• Drive new traffic to their blog and increase their fan base.
• Create verbal and viral buzz.

Hosted by Stephen Tremp, Christine Rains, C. M. Brown, and M.Pax, writers who are helping other writers to succeed. You can find W4WS at Twitter hashtag: #W4WS, on Facebook and all around the blogosphere. Writers4Writers meets on the third Monday of every month to promote 1-3 authors. The featured writers for this month are: Laura Eno and Marian Allen. Hop over to their blogs to say hello and then give a tweet or shout out about their books on your blog, Facebook, or your social media tool of choice.

Jewel of Shaylar Blog size

Want to do more? Click here to join us on our monthly journey to bring attention to new writers. The next featured writer could be you!


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I've already been Tweeting today!


When it comes to tweeting I have given up.


Sheena-kay Graham said...

Tweeted for Laura so I helped a bit. Will try to do more later.

unikorna said...

I would love to join you...My fantasy romance Lost in the Seven Worlds needs to be discovered by the world :). Kisses.

Carol Kilgore said...

I'm seeing these two covers lots of places today :)

Great to meet you on Alex's blog!

Sherry Ellis said...

I sent out tweets for them. Thanks for the reminder!

Christine Rains said...

Thanks so much for shouting out for the W4WS! It's been an awesome day of tweets so far. :)

Cherie Reich said...

I've been tweeting and wishing Laura and Marian the best. :)

L. Diane Wolfe said...

I've sent out several.

Laura Eno said...

Thank you! I lost part of yesterday due to the power going out. :/ Now I'm playing catch up.

Jo said...

No tweets from me, that's one place I don't go.

These two books are certainly getting lots of attention. They sound good.


Scribbles From Jenn said...

Alex, as usual, you are ahead of the game.

No worries, Yvonne, we all do what we can. Tweeting isn't for everyone.

Sheena-Kay, every little bit helps.

Unikorna , join the fun, it's free!

Carol, nice meeting you, too. Alex's blog has so much to offer.

You are welcome, Sherry. Glad to help.

Christine, it was a good day!

Cherie & L.Diane, you both are awesome :D

Laura, you're welcome. Glad you are back in business.

Jo, I understand there is always another new social thing to do...

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