Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Today is the final day of the 2013 A to Z Challenge where for the month of April I blogged the letters of the alphabet in order every day except Sunday. Amazingly, I made it all the way from A to Z! Just like last year I had fun and made a few friends along the way. A very special Thank You to Arlee Bird for creating this wonderful event and to each and every one of you who took the time to stop by and leave me a comment. Your kind words inspired me through all 26 letters. I look forward to seeing you around the blogosphere!

My theme – I have selected a cookie for each day and a book that begins with the letter of the day. I also added a few fun facts about the cookie and/or its ingredients. In America, a cookie is described as a thin, sweet, usually small cake. By definition, a cookie can be any of a variety of hand-held, flour-based sweet cakes, either crisp or soft.

Zucchini Cookies                                      

My Review –  I grew up eating fresh zucchini from our backyard garden. Each summer after planting rows and rows of zucchini we ate it until it was coming out of our ears. My mother was very creative in her zucchini dishes but thought of it only as a vegetable. As an adult I still love zucchini but I have discovered zucchini tastes even better as a dessert. Zucchini Cookies is a new recipe for me, but according to my daughter, it needs to be a family favorite. As these cookies baked the sweet smell of cinnamon drew family members from all over the house into the kitchen. Suffice it to say I was not short of cookie tasters. Zucchini Cookies are soft and light and were ready to eat in only eight minutes. These cookies were good without the lemon glaze, but with the glaze they become absolutely scrumptious!

Fun Facts – Zucchini comes from the Italian Zucca that means squash. Zucchini means then small squash. Though squashes didn't originate in Italy, it is believed that the Italian name was adopted because many feel the Italians are credited with developing this food. The French and many other English speaking countries call this a Courgette.

Book Buddy Z is for Moose by Kelly Bingham pictures by Paul O. Zelinsky   I love this book. Even though my kids are far beyond picture books, I have to buy this one. It is such a fun read. Each time I get to the end, I feel like Moose, and want to read it again.    

Z is for Zebra. Zebra is absolutely certain he’ll be able to direct everyone to appear on the correct page, at the appropriate time, without any mishaps, unnecessary drama, or hurt feelings. It’s the ABCs, for goodness’ sake. How difficult can it be?
Oh, dear.  Zebra forgot about moose. 



Once again a great appetizing dish.
Well done on completing the challenge.

S.P. Bowers said...

Congrats on a great month!

I have to say, though, after growing up with Zucchini bread and cookies this won't be a recipe I'll be trying.

Jessica Schley said...

Oh my gosh, that book sounds awesome. I'll try to get my hands on it at work today.

Congratulations on finishing the challenge!

Angela Verges said...

I love that book too. Congrats on completing the A to Z challenge and providing a bit of history each day!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I'm not a fan of zucchini, but maybe I could eat it in a cookie.
Congratulations - you completed the Challenge!

Laura Eno said...

Oh, yum! I love zucchini bread (and any zucchini) so I'm sure I'll like these. At least they'll have one healthy ingredient in them. :) I could even pretend they're not a cookie at all - call them "zucchini rounds" or some such balderdash to trick myself into thinking I'm only eating my vegetables, right? ;)

Julie Flanders said...

I love zucchini bread so I'm sure I would love these too. I've really enjoyed your theme! Congrats on finishing the challenge. :)

nutschell said...

congrats on finishing the A-Z! never heard of zucchini cookies, but i'm sure they're yummy

Scribbles From Jenn said...

Thanks, Yvonne. So happy I made it to the end.

Yes, S.P., it was a great month.

Jessica, the book is great. Excited to say I actually made it to Z.

Happy to oblige, Angela. Glad you enjoyed the history.

Alex, thank you. Another A to Z Challenge notch in my belt.

Great idea, Laura! Excuse me while I go get eat some more zucchini rounds.

Thank you, Julie. These are a must for zucchini lovers.

Nutschell, they are yummy.

Lisa said...

What a great subject! I have zucchini growing in my little tiny garden, first vegie garden I've had in years. I love zucchini and am always looking for new ways to eat it. Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment. Nice to meet you on the A to Z!

Andrea said...

I do make zucchini cookies, but they aren't iced I bet that is a tasty addition! Congrats on finishing strong (and yummy)

mshatch said...

I've never had zucchini cookies but I do love zucchini bread :)

Regina Gort said...

Congrats on a fun month! I have a ton of new recipes thanks to you!

Scribbles From Jenn said...

Nice meeting you, too, Lisa. Thanks for stopping back by.

Thank you, Andrea. The icing on these cookies is a very tasty addition.

mshatch, if you like the bread, you'll love the cookies.

Hooray for you Regina! I'm so glad you found some recipes you can use.

Ming Seiko said...

I like zucchini every way except raw. I really cannot abide raw squash of any kind.

Anna said...

Wednesday May first 2013
Dear Jenn,
Cookies! What a fun theme for 'Blogging from A to Z'! And you did it!
I'll have to go back and read all of your posts. (And try baking some of your recipes too!)

Thanks so much for visiting and commenting on my IWSG-post for May.
I am still finding books to ad to the list, even older books that I have read earlier, but that are re-discovered as I unpack book boxes from the move to my present home, two years ago.

I am so slow in unpacking because I moved from a big three-story town house to a tiny four-room apartment with my two school-aged children and five cats. There is no room for anything here.

Nice to meet you, Jenn!
Best wishes,

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