Thursday, April 4, 2013

I'm taking part in the fourth A to Z Challenge where for the month of April I will blog the letters of the alphabet in order every day except Sundays. The participation list is HERE – if you want to join in. You'll make many new friends, but most of all you'll have fun!

My theme – I have selected a cookie for each day and a book that I think is the perfect cookie companion along with a few fun facts about the cookie and/or ingredients. In America, a cookie is described as a thin, sweet, usually small cake. By definition, a cookie can be any of a variety of hand-held, flour-based sweet cakes, either crisp or soft.

 Date Pinwheels                                   

My Review –For a long time I thought I didn't like dates after trying them again, I realized I did. I absolutely love them wrapped in bacon and they make pretty good smoothies. But since this challenge is about cookies I located a cookie recipe that uses dates: Date Pinwheels. The recipe called for walnuts, but I don't like walnuts so I used pecans. I'm sure you could use whatever nut you liked or omit them all together. The recipe also recommended you cut the cookie roll at 1/4 inch intervals, but that made the cookies pretty fat, so I think I'll cut them smaller the next time. Or maybe I won't since I really like them and the bigger the cookie the better.

Fun Facts – An old Arabic legend tells of the Date palm's creation: "After God had finished molding Man from Earth; He took the remaining material and shaped it into a date palm which he placed in the Garden of Paradise".

Since before the existence of Man over 50,000 years ago - Date palms and their fruit have been instrumental to humans. The Mesopotamians recognized the tree's versatility and value; its sweet fruit became an essential part of their diet. The palm offered "three hundred and sixty" uses including needles, thread, lumber, mattresses, rope, baskets and other household items; as well as food and beverage. Who knew dates had so many uses?

Book Buddy – Daughter of Smoke and Bone, by Laini Taylor. I picked this book solely because the title began with the letter D. I heard it as an audiobook read by the amazing Khristine Hvam . This book has nothing to do with dates, but it is good read. So good it's coming out as a movie in 2014. I hope they are able to catch all the nuances and make the the movie as good as the book.

Around the world, black handprints are appearing on doorways, scorched there by winged strangers who have crept through a slit in the sky. In a dark and dusty shop, a devil's supply of human teeth grown dangerously low.
And in the tangled lanes of Prague, a young art student is about to be caught up in a brutal otherwordly war.

Do you like dates? Have you read Daughter of Smoke and Bone? Do you think the movie will do the book justice?


Brandon Ax said...

The date pinwheel sounds good actually and the book as well. It is funny how we can not like something then after a few years find it enjoyable.


Another treat today, Excellent.


Regina Gort said...

I'm not a fan of dates but I will give the book a try.

Scribbles From Jenn said...

Very true, Brandon. I guess our taste buds grow up, too.

Thanks, Yvonne. I hope you get a chance to give them a try.

Regina, as I said the audiobook was amazing!

Mark Means said...

I don't think I've ever tried a date, but wrap it in bacon and I'll give it a shot, lol :)

Joy said...

I agree with the "wrapped in bacon" comment. Go out for those though, they stink up the house too much while baking. : )

Juliet Bond said...

Hi Jenn! I do love dates but like you, it took me a lifetime to come around to them. I have a nutritionist friend who makes a killer pie with dates and nuts as the crust and frozen pureed mango as the filling - no sugar. Delicious!

Julie Luek said...

I love dates and these cookies sound like a winner! I even love to freeze dates and eat them like a sweet snack. They are so sugary they never freeze solid. Yum.

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

I love dates and date pinwheels. now I'm hungry and I only had lunch an hour ago.

Scribbles From Jenn said...

Mark, bacon makes everything taste better.

Joy, I didn't have any problem with the smell. But I love the smell of cooking bacon.

Juliet, that pie sounds delicious!

Thanks, Julie. I now have a new way to eat dates.

Susan, favorite foods always find a way to make us hungry again.

Dana said...

I love date pinwheels! Sounds like a good book. ☺

Grover said...

I'm not a fan of dates, but maybe your pinwheels will be the thing that changes my mind!
Great post.

Inane Ramblings

Elise Fallson said...

I'm not a fan of dates. But I do like bacon wrapped around prunes!

Oh and just to let you know, I think there's a problem with your signature link. I tried using it from the comment you left on my site (Jenn @Scribbles From Jenn) but I got an error message saying it couldn't find your blog.

Scribbles From Jenn said...

Dana, date pinwheels are a new favorite of mine, too.

Thanks, Grover. I've found that putting unpopular foods in cookies can make them taste better :D

Elise, I'll have to try the prunes! Thanks for the information about the link. I fixed it.

Sue Elvis said...

Hi Jenn,

With all these wonderful cookies, you couldn't possibly diet. My mouth is watering just looking at the photos! Adding a book suggestion is a great idea. Thank you for visiting my blog and sharing my diet post!

Cynthia said...

Bacon is the new salt. I see it used on everything now.

Hope you're having a great A to Z month.

Elizabeth said...

Here are am trying to break my sugar habit and here's a post about cookies. Oh no! They sound too delicious.

Nick Wilford said...

Sadly I don't like dates but I still enjoyed learning about them!

Karen Jones Gowen said...

Oh I love date pinwheels! In fact there's not a cookie I don't love. I am such a cookie fiend.

Zoe said...

Im going to see if I can get my hands on this sounds fabulous!

DL Shackleford said...

I might like dates this way, I will have to try it out.

Dee said...

I've only tried the dried dates and didn't like them. But these pinwheels look like something I'd like!

That's an interesting fun fact about dates.

Lexie C. said...

I'm absolutely going to make a Vanilla Date Smoothie!!!

I prefer pecans to walnuts too- the pinwheels sound scrumptious!

Brett Minor said...

My daughter enjoyed the Smoke and Bone book.

Dropping by from the A to Z Challenge. It's my first year.

Brett Minor
Transformed Nonconformist

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