Friday, January 4, 2013

Book Trailer Friday

It's the first Friday of the month which means it's time for another book trailer!

This month the spotlight is on The Fault In Our Stars by the talented John Green. This is one author who, unlike some other authors whose names I will not mention, has no trouble creating a second, third, fourth, etc., book just as awesome as his first. I absolutely LOVED Looking For Alaska, enjoyed the road trip with Colin in An Abundance of Katherines, and cried my eyes out over Hazel's trials in The Fault In Our Stars. After reading the book, I thought I'd check out Mr. Green's book trailer for his new best seller. It's a good thing I read the book first.

After reading the book  Time Magazine called “damn near genius,” I was ready for a book trailer that matched the writing; that is not what I got. This thirty one second trailer features kids on a swing, presumably a nod to a small reference from Hazel's regret over her inability to swing due to her cancer. If I hadn't read a comment below the trailer, I'm not sure I would have even remembered the comment. This trailer does little to share the emotions conveyed in the story and does nothing to peak my interest in reading the book. Thankfully, I had read the book before I saw the trailer, or I might have missed a good read.

I was also surprised by the brevity of this trailer since John Green is a famous author and Penguin is a large publishing house. I guess when you have a following as large as Mr. Green's you don't need to spend big bucks on a trailer. On a positive note, I did like the music.

If you haven't read The Fault In Our Stars, don't let the book trailer stop you, it really is a good read. In fact, if you really want to get an idea of how awesome the book is, watch the trailer below, made by a fan, before you scroll down to watch the official version. This trailer tells the story, and manages to capture the emotions of the book. This trailer made me want to read the book again. This trailer is what a good book trailer is all about. Before you ask, no, I don't know the creator of the book trailer, I just like their work.

Official Version:


Elise Fallson said...

I love your Friday trailer feature! And I absolutely agree with you, the fan made trailer of The Fault in our Stars is much better than the official trailer which doesn't spark my interest at all in the book. Plus, the grid overlay on the official trailer makes it hard to read the text. That being said, I'm not a fan of books that make me cry because I cry easily reading emotional books, so The Fault In Our Stars will not be very high on my tbr list, but glad you enjoyed it. (:

Melissa said...

Great trailer. Now I REALLY want to read the book. A CP recommended it to me recently. It's sitting on my Kindle. I have no excuse. LOL

Thanks for visiting my blog. :)

Scribbles From Jenn said...

@ Elise, I totally get the not wanting to read books that stir up an emotion, which is why I don't read horror. Glad you enjoyed the trailer.

@ Melissa, be forewarned, once you start The Fault in Our Stars, you'll be hooked.

Ghadeer said...

I really liked the book, but you're right, this trailer doesn't give it justice! Generally, I am not for the idea of book trailers..

Cherie Reich said...

The official one isn't all that exciting, but perhaps you don't really need the trailer, if you're John Green. ;) His books are definitely on my to-read list, and they're what I gave my 17-year old sister for Christmas. :)

Scribbles From Jenn said...

@Ghadeer, I'm glad you agree.

@Cherie, I think you are right, John Green's work does not need any added promotion to sell it.

Misha Gericke said...

I think that's why I avoid book trailers most of the time. They almost NEVER help me get excited about a story.

It's just too short, I think.

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