Monday, December 3, 2012

Tomorrow, December 4th, is National Cookie Day!

One of the great things about being an American is all the holidays we celebrate, like; National Cookie Day, celebrated every December 4th. December 4th is also National Dice Day, but that isn't nearly as interesting, or tasty, as cookie day.

Since December in America is a packed with parties, parties and more parties. Why not add one more reason to celebrate? You could host a cookie swap in honor of cookie day and get a jump on your holiday baking. An interesting tidbit I picked up in writing this post was Readers Digest list of the No. 1 Holiday Cookie for each of 50 States. In California, where I live, the favorite is: Persimmon Cookie, which I've never even tasted. Based on their list I should live in Tennessee, because Peanut Blossoms are my absolute favorites!

If you're curious to see what Reader's Digest picked as the favorite holiday cookie for your state, check out The No. 1 Holiday Cookie in Each of the 50 States.

If the thought of National Cookie day has stirred up  a burning desire to bake your own cookies, check out: Bake at 350, a new blog favorite packed with recipes and decorating ideas; many of them (almost) too pretty to eat. Tasty Kitchen, an offshoot of the popular blog The Pioneer Woman, also has some tasty treats with more than 3,000 cookie collections, like the Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookie that's perfect when I can't decide if I want a peanut butter, chocolate chip or oatmeal cookie. This one has them all in one.

I'm sure one of these sites will have something that will tempt your sweet tooth and help you celebrate National Cookie Day. Of course, there is no law stating that you have to bake your own cookies to celebrate National Cookie Day. If you're giving your oven the day off after all the Thanksgiving baking, you can always grab a bag of Oreos and celebrate with a cold glass of milk. 


T. Drecker said...

I so thank you for bringing this to attention. That has to be one of the most awesome 'holidays' yet :)

S.P. Bowers said...

I didn't even know there was a national cookie day! I can't wait to celebrate. I love peanut butter blossoms too, but I like to put the mini Reeses peanut butter cups in instead of Hershey kisses.

Magical Mystical MiMi said...

I had not a clue we had a national cookie day! What a great idea! I was going to bake up some home made goodness today but I will wait until tomorrow in honor of our cookie day! Great post and thanks for all of the links to deliciousness. I'll be checking them ALL out!

Joy said...

This is just so great, I can't even tell you. A day to celebrate cookies!! God bless America.

LTM said...

woo hoo! National cookie day??? Can't get better than that. We LOVE cookies, and with Christmas right around the corner, what a great day! :D

I'm really a native Louisianian, so yes, pralines are fantastic. But more candy than cookie. Silly Reader's Digest. ;p <3

Johanna Garth said...

We will make SURE to celebrate national cookie day tonight after dinner :)

Elise Fallson said...

This is so sad for me because I must be the only mom on the planet that can't bake cookies for her kids. I ALWAYS mess something up and they ALWAYS turn out terrible. But, I'll gladly eat someone else's cookies if they want to bake. (:

On a different note, Cookie Monster will be so happy tomorrow.

Scribbles From Jenn said...

@ T. Drecker, you are welcome. I think it's an awesome holiday too.

@ S.P., I agree, the blossoms taste even better with peanut butter cups.

@Mimi, you're welcome. Have fun baking and eating, the best part ;p

@ Joy, yes, God Bless America and all our wonderful holidays.

@LTM, I prefer my pralines in candy too. It must be my Louisiana roots.

@Johanna, what a perfect way to end dinner.

@ Elise, I'm agree, someone else's cookies are always fun to eat.

Julie DeGuia said...

Now this sounds like my kind of holiday... even though I am partial to ice cream.

My favorite cookie right now is one we purchased through a school fundraiser and it's called Caramel Apple Crunch. Yum.

michelle said...

One thing for sure, Americans always find a reason to celebrate!
And they do it in style... National Cookie Day? Priceless!

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