Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Day the Ninja Died (of embarrassment) Blogfest

There is nothing like getting your blog post in just under the wire. I think this was supposed to be posted on Monday, but I had to meet a deadline, so blogging had to wait. 

This of course DOES NOT mean I didn't want to highlight the AWESOMENESS of Alex J. Cavanaugh. It just means I'm still working out that time management thing. 

Since the clock is still ticking, and I have about 100 more pages to proof, let's get this show on the road by answering the required four questions about Alex:

In +/- 20 words, what does Alex look like? I've never seen him. But, below are a few Google images. Which one is the real Alex?

In +/- 20 words, who could play Alex in a documentary? (Living or dead.) Eric Clapton, is a mean guitarist and a writer. He's the perfect person to portray the Ninja Captain. Can you see the resemblance?

The 10 Greatest Electric-Guitar Players

In +/- 20 words, who does Alex remind you of? Mr. Gordon-Ross, my High School metal shop teacher. He made me feel safe in a room filled with boys, like Alex offers security in blogger land.

Alex, we are all so very happy you are a blogger. You make the blogosphere a kinder and gentler place to post. 

A comment for the wonderful Mrs Cavanaugh: Thank you for sharing your gift with us. Alex is a continued source of encouragement to many on the blogging journey. We are grateful for your generous spirit in letting Alex be there for us. 

My Flash Fiction, (using all the prompts: Cavanaugh, Ninja, IWSG, Cosbolt, Guitar)is a based on Eric Clapton's 
Catch Me If You Can

Catch him if you can; Alex is easy to find.
The Ninja Captain’s got a blogging pace that’s blowing my mind.
Catch him if you can; it won't be easy to do.
And I'm warning you brother Cavanaugh’s leaving no clues.
Catch him if you can; he won't be leaving no scent.
He’s been running the right way, I think it's time we went.
Believe me, he’s the man; he ain't easy to tend.
And he’s moving on out, so catch him if you can.
There's no use bothering with the IWSG. You'd best just Google, 'cause he’s nowhere to be found
Guitar jamming in his own free time. I guess he’ll use the Cosbolt and leave us all behind. So...

Play it below and sing along to Eric's words or my tribute to Alex.

Thanks for stopping by. This is a blogfest, so, hop around and see what other bloggers have to say about Alex.


D.G. Hudson said...

Eric Clapton - good choice. Only one thing missing, the flash fiction.

Arlee Bird said...

Tell me about that time management thing! I've been struggling with it too. And there never seems to be enough time in the day.

I agree that the guy in the book trailer might be modeled after Alex.

Tossing It Out

L.G. Keltner said...

Time management is difficult for sure! Still, you contributed a nice thank you to a deserving blogger, even if it was a tad later than most! Well done!

Scribbles From Jenn said...

@ D.G., oops, missed it, but it's in there now :)

@ Arlee, there never is enough time. I need to clone myself like Alex. ;)

@L.G., Thank you.

Misha Gericke said...

I think Eric Clapton is the best Alex picked so far. :-D

Kyra Lennon said...

Fantastic! I especially love the flash fiction!

T. Drecker said...

Lovely Thank-you picture! Hey, and better late than never :)

Elise Fallson said...

You're not late, you got in just in time. (: I really liked your comparison to Mr. Gordon-Ross who sounds like a great guy. It was my wish to take shop class in high school but my Dad wouldn't let me. ): Metal shop sounds like a fun class. And love your Thank-you art work and the flash was great! "The Ninja Captain’s got a blogging pace that’s blowing my mind." <===YES!

Kimberly Gabriel said...

I'm always writing right up to my deadlines. ;) Eric Clapton is perfect! Well done!

Laura Eno said...

What a wonderful tribute! Love the song you wrote and Eric Clapton is a great choice for Alex. :)

Tonja said...

I love your comment about him being like your teacher.

Shell Flower said...

A lovely tribute. The flash song is amazing, totally works with the Clapton. Nice job. And is that guy playing guitar really Alex or is that Phil Lesh? LOL.

Gossip_Grl said...

Enjoyed reading your posting! OMgosh great choice of Eric Clapton too!

Morgan said...

Clever, clever, CLEVER. Loved the lyrics, Jenn! And YES to Eric Clapton. Love it!

Nicole said...

Eric Clapton - ha! That's great.

Kelley Lynn said...

Well done :) Love Eric Clapton!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

The song is so cool!
Thank you, Jenn. Glad I've made the blogging world safer for you. Thanks for the friendship - you rock!

Scribbles From Jenn said...

Thanks Misha & Kyra *grins*

@ T. Drecker, I love the pic too. Wish I drew it.

@Elise, thanks. Metal shop was fun. Sorry your dad didn't let you take it. You should give it a shot now ;p

@Kimberly, I think writing to the deadlines might be the nature of the writing beast.

@Laura & Tonja, thank you.

@ Shell, I think the guitar one really is Alex, but it could be a Ninja disguise,

@ Gossip Girl, Morgan, Nicole and Kelly THANK YOU!

@ Alex, the Ninja himself, Glad you enjoyed the song. I'm glad to be your blogging friend.

To ALL of you THANK YOU! Your comments put a smile on this lonely writers face.

Empty Nest Insider said...

You chose a great song, and wrote it perfectly for Alex! Julie

Lynda R Young said...

What a great song for the tribute!

Robyn Campbell said...

I love Eric Clapton! What a SWEET choice. You're genius! And that flash fiction is spot on. Love it. :-)

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