Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Someting Old and Something New

Recently I heard an inspirational talk on framing my world. As I sat there, getting inspired on a personal level, I begin pondering the importance of framing in the real world and the writing world.  Without a proper frame, the thing which we build will never support itself properly. In writer, that can appear as characters who act out of character. Story lines that come out of nowhere and end in the same place, or an ending that leaves the reader dissatisfied.

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The concept of framing before building is as old as dirt, (a quote I heard often from my southern bred Mother), but we still practice it because it works. Choosing not to frame your writing world, before you sit down to create the next Newberry, can bring on days, weeks and sometimes years of misery while you build the frame to support the latest addition to the family. Not to mention the pages and pages of wonderfully written material that must be thrown as there is no longer room (or need) of it in the new framework.

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When I first began writing I considered myself an organic writer. One who sat down and let the story flow, like a river through a quiet meadow. What I didn't realize was that up ahead the waters got really rough and if I didn't know how to properly navigate them, I was going over the edge. Which, I often did. As time passed, I've come to realize it's much better to create a frame to support where I'm going before I jump into the seemingly calm waters. At times the water can still be a bit rough, but now I'm better prepared for them.

Muse For Today: How do you frame your world? Do you frame your world?

File:New.gifKyra Lennon on her first book release! Anyone who has ever sat down at a keyboard to attempt to create a story from the one running around in their head knows it's MUCH harder than it looks. Kyra deserves all the best for crossing the finish line. She definitely has her Game On! You can pick up Kyra's book at Amazon in paper back or Kindle edition.You can also check out Kyra at her blog, Write Here, Write Now, and follow her on her book blog tour. Congratulations Kyra, your efforts inspire us all!

Not only is Kyra super talented, she has two covers for her new book. I'm not sure which one I like best, I think it just depends on what page I'm on that day. Do you have a favorite?

Game On Book Cover
First Cover
Second Cover

Summary: After swapping her small town life to work for one of the top soccer teams in the U.S, Leah Walker thought she could finally leave the ghosts of her past behind. However, when she meets serial womanizer, Radleigh McCoy, the memories of her old life come swarming back, and she is forced to ask herself whether she has really changed at all.


Kyra Lennon said...

Aww, Jenn thank you so much for the shout out, and the kind words! I really appreciate it!

Scribbles From Jenn said...

You are very welcome, Kyra. Glad to be a part of your celebration.

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