Monday, July 30, 2012

As I have mentioned before on the blog, I am no grammar queen, but even I find it annoying when I see quotation marks used incorrectly. Especially, in a business setting. If you aren't sure, why wouldn't you Goggle it before you have it printed on a sign? There are many out there to choose from like Writer's Web, where you can even print out  your own set of punctuation rules for things like Quotaion marks so you don't make mistakes like the one below. Just in case you are not sure, here is a web tip on the proper use of quotations: Quotation marks are NOT to be used for “emphasis,” so “stop” doing “that.” You are just making your sign very shifty sounding! !

 Are there really restrooms behind that door or is it something else?
suspicious quotation marks

Take whatever you want. We aren't really watching you.
suspicious quotation marks

I can see the reason they put this one in quotes. I don't think he makes anyone feel secure.

I think I'll pass on this excurision.

Are there stairs behind that door or not?

Muse For Today: What is your grammar pet peeve?


Stacey said...

Ah this made me chuckle. I LOVED the "Safe" & Scenic canoes. I wonder what the people who use these quotation marks think they're telling people?

My grammar pet peeve is badly used apostrophes, like you see on SO many signs. People stick an apostrophe in when the word is actually just a plural. Annoying.

(PS: I'm sorry but I seem to be following your blog twice, I have no idea how!)

Scribbles From Jenn said...

No worries Stacey, I've made the same blog following error and found it easier to follow than unfollow.

Thanks for sharing your pet peeve. I can't believe how many errors are out there when access to the internet is so readily available.

Thanks for joining the site!

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