Friday, June 1, 2012

After lamenting over the look of my blog, I finally made the time to change it. Apparently this was a good choice because, after my changes, I received the One Lovely Blog Award from the talented Laura at My Baffling Brain. She got it from Becca at Lost in Thought.  I also received the Versatile Blogger Award from L.G. Keltner at Writing Off the Edge. You can read a previous post I did about being versatile here. All of their blogs offer some tasty tidbits on life, so hop on over there and see what they are talking about today.

This award requires me to answer some questions, so here they are:

What is your favorite song?

My favorite song changes like the wind, but currently I'm in love with Adele's Someone Like You. Her voice is AMAZING!

What is your favourite dessert?

I love most desserts but apple pie is one dessert I find hard to resist.

When you're upset, what do you do?
I play music. Why? “Music speaks what cannot be expressed. Soothes the mind and gives it rest. Heals the heart and makes it whole. Flows from heaven to the soul”—Unknown

What was your favorite pet?
My German Shepard; Coffee. She was the first pet that belonged solely to me. Sadly, she ran away and was held hostage by a neighbor. Months later I recognized her in their yard, but too much time had passed, and they got to keep her.

What do you prefer to wear, black or white?

Both. I LOVE black and white. Wearing it together makes me feel elegant and complete. 

What is your biggest fear?

Colons, semicolons, commas. Why do we need them anyway? Can't the reader just put them where they want them?

What is your attitude mostly?

Happy. I love to laugh out loud and enjoy writing things that make others laugh out loud too.

What is perfection to you?

Perfection always seems just beyond our grasp, so I chose not to pursue it. Instead I chose to pursue a more attainable goal; excellence. I like how Michael J. Fox put it: "I am careful not to confuse excellence with perfection. Excellence, I can reach for; perfection is God's business."

What is your guilty pleasure?
Coffee! I love to drink it late at night, early in the morning, noonday... you get the picture.

I know I'm probably supposed to tag some people, so here goes:

Lauren at Word Art: Painting With Words. Her blog is so pretty! And she recently did a post on plot and structure using the Avengers movie!

Dawn at Since You Asked... How can you not love a blog that talks about food every Friday? 

Melissa at Have Imagination, Will Write, because she's a musing mom, like me, and her blog has the coolest book border ever!

Kyra at Write Here, Write Now, because I love the word play with her title and her profile picture is a cup of coffee :D

Sherry at Gone Gardening. Just opening her blog page, and seeing all the lovely gardens, instantly lowers my stress levels. 

Laura at Laura B. Writer, whose blog is definitely pretty in pink!

Muse For Today: Which answer about me sounds a little like you?


Eliza Wynn said...

Congratulations on the award!

Your answer about dessert sounds a little like me; I like most desserts.

Dawn said...

Congratulations on your award - so fitting! And thank you for mentioning me! I loved two of your answers in particular: your definition of perfection and your guilty pleasure (coffee is mine, too! And wine...) I really enjoyed this post - it was a fun read. Thanks again!

Lauren said...

Thank you so much, Jenn! This made my week that much better. :D

I do love writing things that make people laugh... my favorite kind of thing to write! Although writing things that make people cry - now that's an amazing, terrifying feeling.

Scribbles From Jenn said...

Thank you, from one dessert lover to another.

Scribbles From Jenn said...

Thank you, and you are welcome. I love discovering another Java lover.

Scribbles From Jenn said...

You are so welcome Lauren. Glad to help end your week on a high.

Writing things that makes people laugh is so fun! Making people cry, now that shows talent.

Heather Murphy said...

That is such a sad story about your dog :(
I love the Michael J. Fox quote. That is a "perfect" quote to me!

Lynda R Young said...

Congrats on your award!!
Yum, I love apple pie too

Scribbles From Jenn said...

Heather, I still feel sad whenever I think about coffee. One day, I hope to have another German Shepherd. I'm glad to share a "perfect" quote with you.

Scribbles From Jenn said...

Thank you! I should have slice of apple pie to celebrate :D

Phillip Pitts said...
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