Monday, April 16, 2012

N is for a Nawiliwili Name Poem

F.Y.I. I am taking part in the A to Z Challenge.  Stop by tomorrow and check out my Ode to the letter O.

Natural channel for the large ships        
At the south end of Hawaii Route 51   
West is Niumalu Beach Park.              
Is the name of the harbor not the town 
Located at the mouth of the Hule'ia  Stream 
Island of Kauai 
Waialeale Mt. is considered the wettest place on Earth
Is named after the indigenous Wiliwili trees 
Lihue, the main town on Kauai. 
Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark, filmed here

There's not much you can say about a port except that ships dock there. This port is the port for Kauai which is the only reason I have even heard of Nawiliwili. However, I needed an N for the A to Z Challenge, not a K, so Nawiliwili fit the bill. Plus, I LOVE the sound of it, Nawiliwili, one of the few Hawaiian words I can pronounce. 

Muse For Today: What word(s) do you find fun to say?


Susan Roebuck said...

LOL. You did a great post - that's an imaginative way of doing an "N" post

Karen Walker said...

What a creative post. Great job. Nice to "meet" you on the a-z challenge.

Betty Alark said...

Hi, Jenn!

Just became one of your followers!

Trying to make the most of the A-z challenge! Here's my blog site:

Hope you will stop over!

Like what you did with the word -Nawiliwili!

Lots of "i"

I look forward to treking your blog! Have fun!

Jaycee DeLorenzo said...

Cool! LOL.

Carol said...

Very cool! Nawiliwili is a muscial word.

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