Sunday, April 1, 2012

A is for...

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HOORAY! Today is the FIRST day of the A to Z Challenge.

Just in case you haven't been following me and have no idea what I'm talking about click here to find out why, for the entire month of April, I will be blogging from A to Z on vacations spots my family and I have traveled to. I realize this isn't a travel blog, but making time to unplug is crucial for the artist (and child) inside all of us.

Since this IS a challenge, I have decided to write my posts in poetry form. No, I am not a poet, but it's all about challenging yourself. Right?  As an added bonus if there is a poetry format that begins with the letter of the day, like A in Acrostic, I will be posting the poem, to the best of my abilities, in that format. With that said, let's begin with:

                         A rches National Park in Utah. 
                         R ocks as red as the setting sun. 
                         avities in rocks of eroding sandstone
                         H ike the over 2,000 arches
                         E phemeral pools supporting life
                         S andstone miracles of nature

If you have ever seen a Utah license plate you have seen the most widely recognized landmark in Arches National Park, Delicate Arch. An amazing feet of nature, Delicate Arch is over 65 feet tall and more impressive than pictures convey. Our favorite spot in the park was Sand Dune Arch. A cool slot canyon in the middle of this hot dessert with a floor similar to beach sand and plenty of places to play and hide and seek. We didn't make it to all 2,000 arches, but we did see enough to make us want to visit again.

Muse For Today: Are you an A to Z Newbie, like me, or an old timer?


baygirl32 said...

this is my 2nd A to Z challenge, and prob won't be my last! Great post

Happy A to Z

Gossip_Grl said...

Great Topic for the start and loved the video slideshow can't wait to see your other topics.(btw this is my first April challenge)

Jaycee DeLorenzo said...

Great idea with the poetry and I like your slideshow!

I'm a newbie, but I hope to continue doing it in future years!

Happy A-Zing!

My A-Z!

Cassam said...

This is my first challenge.I love your theme and the poetry.

Cassam said...

This is my first challenge.I love your theme and the poetry.

Amanda Heitler said...

First for me too.

Wonderful images you have there :)


Dawn M. Hamsher said...

Jenn, I really like your poem. Nice job. Thanks for visiting my blog.

The Write Soil
1st Writes

SherryE said...

This is my first A-Z challenge. I love your images and poem!

Gina said...

I love to travel and I find a great idea to do the challenge using your travel experiences. I'll be very interested following this! I'm an A to Z newbie like you, so nice to meet you and best of luck for you!

Thanks for visiting my place.

From Diary of a Writer in Progress

Scribbles From Jenn said...

Thanks fellow A to Z'ers for stopping by and dropping me a line of encouragement. Your kind comments make all those late nights of poetry writing worthwhile.

nutschell said...

wow! posts in poetry form. That has to be a challenge. I'm sure you'll rock it!great start to the A-Z!

Clare said...

Excellent poem. You got some great information across in only six lines. I'm impressed. Those pictures are amazing. They look like another planet. Thanks for sharing.

KarenG said...

Arches is just fascinating! I have family in Moab and I just barely finished looking at a ton of photos they took from hikes this summer. Hooray for Arches National Park!

lynnelives said...

Newbie too! Yes it's good to unplug. I love your theme and poems.

Joanne said...

Excellent post. I want to thank you for this informative read, I really appreciate sharing this great post. Keep up the good work.

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