Monday, March 5, 2012

Chew Your Cud

I had the good fortune of growing up in a small rural town where we raised goats and chickens. Actually, we only had one goat that had two kids, but we did have several chickens. Before Dolly, our goat, I had not heard of cud. My mom, who grew up on a farm, explained the dynamics of the goat digestive system and how hours later, Dolly could bring up her food to be chewed and swallowed again. Throughout the day, Dolly would perform this procedure until her food passed though all four stomachs, each one extracting unnecessary particles along the way. 

I haven't raised goats in over two decades, but today, Dolly's Digestive process popped in my head as I thought about my own process of writing and rewriting. The first draft is usually pretty rough, doesn't go down easily and often needs to sit and ferment awhile before I can bring it back up to chew again. In step two, I remove any useless foreign objects before I can move on to the final steps three and four. I wish that my writing process was as efficient as a goat's digestive system so I could complete this process in a single day. Until then, I will continue to chew my cud hoping to fine tune the process until all that is left is the best of the best.  

Currently, my cud chewing consists of me staring at the computer, seeing the foreign object, with little clarity on how to fix it. My question today is, “How do you chew your cud?” Or, for those non-farm types, “What does your revision process look like?"


Jeremy Bates said...

Nice little goat...;)

Scribbles From Jenn said...

Thanks. She looks just like the one I had to milk twice a day.

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