Monday, February 27, 2012

Are You On A Mission Towards Greatness?

I was recently listening to a podcast about how great men rarely complained and I thought, "Of course the didn't. They were on a mission towards greatness." Then it occurred to me they didn't know they were on a mission towards greatness. They were just doing what they felt they were called to do. Dr. King didn't know his I Have A Dream Speech would still be the cry of mankind over three decades later. Mother Teresa didn't know that she would be the model for selflessness. They were just doing what had to be done.

My life is full of people who I think are great. Some for amazing things, like Dr. King, who stared down the face of racism and changed our nation for women and all minorities.  Single parents, like my mom, who struggled to work and go to school while raising four kids all by herself.

We may, or may not, ever have our words Goggled worldwide. But, what if our call to greatness is to change the life of one person who in turn becomes the next ___________ (fill in the blank with your person of greatness). What if we are just to create the next song, quote, story that inspires them to do their level of greatness? As you go through your day do you feel great? Maybe you don't feel like it, but what if you are? What if that story, painting, dance move you are creating is the beginning of greatness?  I would love to hear who is that person of greatness in your life. Mom? Grandparent? Gene Roddenberry? Please tell how, and why, they are great in your eyes.

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Jeremy Bates said...

Every body wants to be greatness, its our achievement in life...

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