Tuesday, September 13, 2011

How Do You Retreat While You Work?

You attend the SCBWI LA Working Writer's Retreat. This event is held the first week of September in the peaceful hills of Encino Ca. It's the perfect place to write, revise and reflect on your work as you spend the weekend sharing it with published authors and acquiring agents and editors. Of course with Lee and Sarah at the helm, it wasn't all work and no play. In addition to the wine and cheese night, they threw in a night of karaoke which revealed hidden singing talents in editors, authors, agents and Regional Advisors. The biggest nail biter in this event had to be the Sunday morning Idol moment when each author was given the opportunity to read 250 words to a panel of agents and editors. Even without a judge like Simon, it was still nerve racking. There's nothing like getting honest feedback, from an agent or editor, in a roomful of your peers. In this case it's all worthwhile, since honest feedback is what moves us to the next step on our climb to success. Plus, after you've received the feedback, revised, revised and revised your manuscript, you get the golden submission ticket! Even if all the critiquing and revision from the weekend doesn't lead you all the way to the top, you've a lot of fun along the way and you didn't have to cook or order out all weekend because this event includes all your meals! Mark your calendars, the 2012 dates are alreday set. Check out the SCBWI Calendar of Events for more details.

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