Wednesday, November 3, 2010

You have to believe it's real

Recently I was lamenting over the fact that a story would be easier to write if it really happened when my GENIUS writing pal sad, 'You have to believe that it's real.' How simple is that? I spend hours imagining things, like I'm all caught up on my laundry or I just won the Newberry or Alice from The Brady Bunch lives in our house. But this is so much better. I can use all that energy to believe that my story is real and allow the events to flow from me as they happen. I love it. Thanks genius writing pal who shall remain nameless so I can keep all that genius to myself (insert evil laugh here).


Tracy Z. said...

That is wonderful advice! I often get lost in my writing world. Sometimes whatever my MC is going through, also affects my mood. It's weird, but so easy to get completely engulfed in your characters and their world.

Jenn's Scribbles said...

You do get engulfed in their world, and sometime, they even manage to sneak over into yours.

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