Thursday, June 12, 2008

Adventures For Authors

Sunday, June 8th against all odds I made it to the Ventura Critiquenic and how lucky I was to have been there! The event was held at Adventures 4 Kids Bookstore in Ventura, founded by the multi-talented Jody Fickes-Shapiro, but this really was an Adventure For Authors.

Everything was very orgaznized, one would expect nothing less from the Awesome Alexis O'Neill, and was free to SCBWI members. The event was attended by a plethora of writing talent; I even got a few to take a picture with me! Rubbing elbows with the 'famous ones' is always fun!

It took a leap of faith to bring my work to this event, but I DID! Of course I had to wrestle with my ego, take something good so you can look good, or take something you're struggling with so you can get help. In the end, I let commonsense win out over ego and took something I was struggling with and BOY am I glad I did. Barbara Bietz was my group leader and she was BRILLIANT! Her insight opened pages of ideas for me. Of course this means ripping out some old stuff and doing more threading, but I know it will make my story better, so off I go to Rip it, Rip it, Rip it!


Alexis said...

Hi Jenn -- Wow! I'm going to have to have you write publicity material for me and use the word "awesome" liberally! Seriously - I'm so happy you made the big drive to Ventura for the critiquenic. You were so right to bring work that needed feedback instead of a polished piece -- and it was great that you had Barbara as your group leader. She has terrific insights. Good luck with your writing! -- ALEXIS O'NEILL

Anonymous said...

Isn't it sad that Adventure for Kids is closing? Such a lovely humming with good vibes place.

Jenn's Scribbles said...

Thank you Alexis for dropping by and posting a comment. I will take your 'good luck' wishes and put them to good use. :-)

Jenn's Scribbles said...

OH NO! Say it isn't so! Adventures for Kids has been a great Adventure for me during field trips with my students and as a struggling author. I will miss this chapter in my life.

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