Tuesday, May 13, 2008


As a young girl my mom taught me to sew. Although I loved the finish product, mostly doll clothes, I often struggled to get them to a point of completion. In sewing terminology I was what my neighbor calls a Frogger; 'rip it, rip it, rip it' because I often had to rip out a seam and start again. After several years of Frogging, I gave up sewing for other pursuits.

Time has a funny way of bringing things full-circle as I once again find myself threading and ripping, but this time it's in my writing. Now that my story is all done, I have the daunting task of threading events and details throughout the story line to keep it connected. While ripping out details that don't move the story along. As I read and re-read I discover threads I began and dropped or did not carry through to the end. Frustrated with the entire process, I googeld the word 'threading' and found this:

Threads are a way for a program (or a person in my case)to fork (or split) itself into two or more simultaneously (or pseudo-simultaneously) running tasks. Threads and processes differ from one operating system to another but, in general, a thread is contained inside a process and different threads in the same process share some resources while different processes do not.

After reading this I felt MUCH better! The problem isn't me, it's my inability to fork (or split) myself into two or more simultaneously (or pseudo-simultaneously) running tasks. Additionally, since the thread is inside of me, I must learn to share some resources and not others. Now, if I can only figure out a way to apply this to my life, and explain it to my family and friends, I think I will be on to something!


Rita said...

Heh. I find this post funny! But must confess: you will still have to explain threading to me. I don't need to do it, too, do I?

Maybe that's what's been wrong . . .

Jenn's Scribbles said...

Naw, threading is for people like me who often drop the thread. Writers like you never drop a stitch!

Rita said...


(Was going to say more, but won't.)


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