Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Write On!

On Saturday I went to the SCBWI-LA Writing Workshop with Elaine Marie Alphin who had just driven in from Montana, her car with the personalized Montana plates 'Write On' was in parking lot to prove it. Elaine shared with us how she lays the track for her stories before she begins writing them. It was a whirlwind of a day with many colorful 'fill-in the blank' handouts, which included a 56 question character interview. By the end of the day I was on information overload. However, on Sunday, after I had time to digest all that I had received, I realized I had the keys to unlock the minds of my characters on levels I have yet to explore. After listening to how Elaine works through all the ins and outs of the characters in her book allowing her to know them deeply, before she writes about them, I realized I too can move forward creating characters who I know like I know myself, perhaps even better. This insight excites me and I am inspired to Write On!

Visit Elaine Marie Alphin at; http://www.elainemariealphin.com/Alphin_News.html

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