Thursday, January 3, 2008

Patience is a Virtue...Or so I am told

This year I am going to use Thursday as my 'Thoughtful Day'. So here are my thoughts for today;

I am currently in the process of preparing a few pages to send out into the great unknown world of submissions. Of course I am SO excited that I want to send them out NOW! However, a wise writing buddy suggested that I wait. She actually encouraged me to hold on to my pages until I was really ready to let them go. As you know I am all about 'Setting Your Pages Free' so I was stunned at this suggestion that I should hold on to them. However, after I 'thought' about it, I realized she was right! After looking at my pages the next day and the next I noticed little discrepancies that needed clearing up. Oh how much nicer to find these before submission instead of after. So, I am practicing 'patience' as I look over my pages in preparation for setting them free and I encourage you to do the same.

"For your born writer, nothing is so healing as the realization that he has come upon the right word." Catherine Drinker Bowen

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