Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Happy IWSG Day, Canada Day, and Independence Day!

Who knew there was so much to celebrate in the first week of July!?! With all this excitement I shouldn't be insecure about anything, right? Wrong. I'm an artist and no matter what's going on around us, we can always find something to feel insecure about.  

Fortunately, it's the first Wednesday of the month, time for a post in Alex Cavanaugh's Insecure Writer’s Support Group. IWSG is a place where writers release their fears to the world – or offer encouragement to those who are feeling neurotic. If you’d like to join us, click on the link above and sign up. We post the first Wednesday of every month. We encourage everyone to visit at least a dozen new blogs and leave a comment. Your words might just be the encouragement a lonely, and somewhat insecure, writer needs.

The tireless July co-hosts are Charity BradfordS.A. LarsenAJTamara Narayan, Allison Gammons, and Tanya Miranda.

If you want to wear your support and commitment for IWSG members, The Insecure Writer’s Support Group t-shirt is available. You can purchase your IWSG shirt, designed by the very talented Jeremy Hawkins, at the NeatOShop

Now that you know what IWSG is all about, are you still curious about my insecurity for the month? I have the Summer Break Blues. I just finished a vacation, my kids are home, friends are coming to town, my schmooze is on summer break, it's sunny in So. Cal., the beaches are calling, as is everything else but my laptop, and I just want to be lazy. I want to take three months off the way I did when I was a teacher, well you never really take those three months off, but you get my meaning. I want to be on break. I want to sleep in late, go to the beach, make ice-cream, lounge around the pool with a good book, just relax for the next three months. 

But, I know I can't. My head knows that I need to write every day so I keep my writing muscle strong... now, if I can only convince my heart of that, too. 

Have you checked out the IWSG store or website? Do you have a case of the summer break blues? Do you have a cure for it? 

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

As I may have mentioned here before, I coordinate a writers and
illustrators schmooze for SCBWI in the heart of the San Fernando Valley. For our June Schmooze we spent an evening with published author, Catherine Linka, whose second book, A Girl Undone released this week. It is the sequel to her first book A Girl Called Fearless. Catherine came to share her journey and tips on how to deal with rejection. However, her tips weren't just on dealing with rejection, but how she turned her dream into a successful reality.

While working as a book buyer for Flintridge Bookstore and Coffee House, an independent bookstore in La Cañada, Catherine obtained an MFA from Vermont College and wrote her first book which she described as, "If I can't sell this, I can't sell anything." Soon Catherine signed with an agent, bringing her one step closer to making her dream a reality... or so she thought. After months of rejections, Catherine's dream became a nightmare as she spent her days promoting book launch after book launch, while her own career stalled. But, as Walt Disney said, "All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them." Catherine became as fearless as her main character, Avie, as she continued to pursue her dream. A dream that turned into the reality of a two book deal along with an opportunity to turn the first book into a television series. In the end Catherine's journey on rejection inspired us to hold on to our dreams.  To understand that writing is a business. That rejection isn't about you and if you have the courage to pursue your dream, it can come true.

You can read more about Catherine on her blog. Or buy her books and become fearless yourself.

Are you waiting on a dream? Did Catherine's story inspire you to pursue it? Do you believe that dreams can come true?